We’re learning more about the brain all the time.
That’s good news for all of us.

Health and nutrition often focus on avoiding heart problems or on weight loss, and it’s easy to
overlook what the brain needs to feel good and perform, even though brain health is crucial to our physical and mental capacity.

Science is beginning to reveal what the brain needs. Let us be your guide in this exciting development!

Scientists have recently made revolutionary discoveries about the brains ”plastisity”; it is in fact both malleable and renewable. This means that we can hope to develop new brain functions, regardless of our age, and we don’t have to give up and accept the consequences of ageing. In addition, scientists know that we can influence and boost our mental capacity through correct nutrition. This new information about the brain and nutrition enables us to introduce trailblazing dietary supplements able to bring you benefits – intelligently.

Invest in a long, rich life

The brain is the source of our mental capacity: it and its cells control how we think, feel, act and function. We can only enjoy life when we, and our brains, feel well. Stress is a
natural aspect of modern life – we are expected to constantly perform at our peak.

At the same time, we often fail to look after ourselves. We don’t always take the opportunity to do what we like and enjoy. We live in the present, for the moment, without giving any thought to how it affects our future health. Most of us are aware that a fast pace and constant stress impair our memory and speed ageing. And yet our health, and the cognitive capacity of our brains, is like planning for retirement – you have to lay the foundation for a full life. The potential of your body and brain improve with a correct, intelligent diet. Cognicore® Daily is a unique dietary supplement that can help protect and repair.

Help body to help itself

The brain cells probably reach their peak at the age of 25–30. After that, various ageing processes kick in. The most accepted theory of ageing involves free radicals and what is known as oxidative stress.

Most people know that it is possible to neutralise free radicals, and protect themselves by eating fruit and vegetables and taking supplementary vitamin C and E. These antioxidants do fill vital functions, but it’s like sending a small platoon to fight a war. The body’s own defences are much more effective, especially when they are told to send out a whole army to protect the cells.

As we age, however, it becomes more difficult to activate our inbuilt system.
Sometimes it needs help to switch on, and that is exactly what the dietary supplement Cognicore® Daily can help to initiate.



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